Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitfoster a registered company ?

Yes, Bitfoster is a registered company under name "BITFOSTER LTD" in the United Kingdom.

What are investments plans of your company ?

We offer an investment plan for 12 calendar days with earning 10% per day. For example, if you invest 100$ every day 10$ will be added to your earnings and,you can withdraw them at any time instantly, during 12 calendar days.

How can I become a Bitfoster investor ?

All you need to become a Bitfoster investor is to register an account and make a deposit at least 0.001 btc or 0.005 bch on your account and invest your deposit in our investment plan.

Can I withdraw funds of my balance ?

No you can't withdraw the funds of your balance, you can just invest it in our plan.

How much it takes a withdrawal ?

Our withdrawal is instant, so after requesting for a withdrawal you will find immediatly in your wallet .

What are your payments method ?

Currently we accept only deposits via Bitcoin/BitcoinCash/Payeer/AdvCash, also all withdrawals are made to your Bitcoin/BitcoinCash wallet.

Do you charge fees for deposits or withdrawals ?

Non we don't take any fees for deposits nor for withdrawals. All the fund you request for withdraw you will find it in your wallet. We pay your transactions fees.

Do you have an affiliate program ?

Yes, our affiliate program pays a commission of 1,5% for each deposit made by your downlines.If you are representative local you will earn 5%.

Can I become a representative regional of Bitfoster ?

Yes, you can become a representative regional of Bitfoster if you meet some requierments and you will increase your referral commission to 5% .

Can I get awards for completing social tasks ?

Yes, you will be awarded for completing social tasks, you awarded funds will be added to your account. Go to "Rewards" in your dashboard for more informations.

How can I know if an investor is referred by me ?

You go to " Referrals " in your dashboard, you will find under " My dowline " a list of all investors registered by your referral link also you can find how much they have invested and how much you earned.

Can I benefit from the affiliate program without making a deposit ?

Yes, you can open an account and invite investors and you get commission of 1,5% for every deposit made by them unless you didn't make any deposit.

How can I get my affialiate commission ?

Your affiliate commission will be avalaible immediatly in your account's balance available for inverstments.

Can I invest seperated deposits ?

Yes you can invest at any time you want and each deposit will be invested separtely from your others investments.

Can I open multiple accounts ?

No, we restrict creating multiple accounts. All detected multiple accounts will be banned and their funds will be blocked.

What is the minimum for a payout ?

The minium for payout is : 0.0005 BTC / 0.0001 BCH